Thursday, November 28, 2019

Ole promised to beat Astana 10-0 in today's Europa league clash

The clash between Astana vs Manchester United today will be a memorable clash. Ole on the other hand has promise to beat Astana today without mercy. Ole on the media today, "the result of the upcoming match will see us beating Astana 0-10". Greenwood who has been one of united's most time scorer believes he will be on the score list in today's match.
United coming from behind to drew Sheffield united in a 3:3 score draw boast the players morale to take on any team without fear. Pogba pray for his team to rised above Astana in today's Europa league fight. It will be recalled that united are hundred percent good in most of their away match fixtures. Rashford adding, says they will be no chance for them to allow any team to beat them and they struggles to equalized, but they are ready to lead and finished as winners. He urges all his team Mets to be over serious no matter if they are playing against amateur teams or not.

In conclusion to this reports, ole warns  his men not to relax when his teammates are making errors or over lapping as this will contribute to a high pressure on them if they allow such. Still speaking , that his team should have a spirit of massive attack ,massive deffense skills to enable them win against their opponent , Astana. Astana in the other hand are a very good team when playing at home, their boss says he is confidence in what his players can do against man united , no matter being too premier league team in England, they will not give united a chance to win the match.  let's get to see what will be the result of this two teams today.

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