Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Manchester United Ready for Liverpool

The Red devil's playing the Red's  this week is a terrific match to be watched. Manchester United after loosing away to Newcastle 1-0 , are fully ready for Liverpool this week, ole speaking on the squad to use against Liverpool. Saying ; such mistake they made against newscastle away will not repeat itself again . Pogba being very excited to play Liverpool at home says winning against the Red's is a must for them. Maguire added that the defensive line will be as strong as it should be to make sure they stopped Mane and m.salah from scoring.

     Manchester united fans are rushing  for tickets and to get themselves prepared to endorsed and give their die hard club the moral to win Liverpool in old traford. The United head coach speaking; ole: "it is a must win for my squad and the entire united, I have to make my people happy, and I have to do what I can to make sure, i secured a win, Manchester United is our family, red devil's is our Nick,we are winning".
      Liverpool with a great form , both home and away seems not to be giving up themselves . Liverpool with good defense and forwards  said they are not going to take Manchester United for jokes, Vandijk; world best defender speaking against Manchester United clash,"we are both good when it comes to defense, I am more stronger than the rock, Manchester United can't break our unbeaten run". Mane starting against united says, with such an energetic morale giving by Vandijk will boast him scoring more goals for his side.
      The Reds head coach replying ole, said " man not this time , you can't beat my unbeaten run, instead let us share the point". They clash between United and Liverpool has caused much attention accrossed Europe and the whole world,making football fans fastened their seat belts for the match, many people said if they had ever missed a match , they will not missed Manchester United vs Liverpool this week. Bettors rumoured that they the match will settled in a both team to score draw, funding their online account for the clash to make more money into their bank account with the two teams.

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